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Moodle access for Semester 2 courses

Moodle access for Semester 2 courses

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Dear Students and Staff,

Semester 2 starts on Monday, 9th July.

Most students should have access to their courses on Moodle by now. There are still some students who may not have access to all the courses they have registered for. This is due to the late course requests from the teaching staff. As the courses are set up, Moodle access for students will be updated.

Students changing or adding new courses

For students who are changing their course registrations by adding or dropping courses on Student SOLS, please allow up to 6 hours for your Moodle access to be updated.

Moodle access to your courses is synced at regular intervals.

Check your Moodle profile

Please take some time to check your account details on Moodle. Check that your name is displayed correctly, especially if you had your name changed/corrected by SAS. If you find any errors, please inform Moodle Help via the email:

Upload your profile picture

Upload your profile picture and update the country field in your Moodle profile.