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Moodle course access for Semester 2

Moodle course access for Semester 2

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Dear Students and Staff,

Semester 2 started on Monday, 8th July.

Currently the Moodle support staff are working with various teaching staff, preparing some courses for Semester 2, 2019. As such, students may notice that some courses may not be listed on Moodle when they log in. Access will be updated later this week.

Note to Students

In the mean time, students are advised to complete their course registrations via the Student SOLS website ( Do not worry if you still don't see your courses on Moodle or the content is still outdated. These will be updated later this week.

Also note that your Timetable will be available on Student SOLS for Face-to-face and some Blended courses.

Note to Teaching Staff

Please ensure that you send in your Moodle course request if you still haven't done so. Contact your Moodle support staff at the Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL) should you need assistance.

CFL Contact

The Centre for Flexible Learning is currently located at: TedFutures Hub, next to the ICT Centre.

Moodle support and systems team are based at this location as well.
For Moodle related issues, students can reach us via email: