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HOAX email

HOAX email

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Dear Staff & Students, 

The latest HOAX email circulated at USP has no subject heading but has the title “Attention All Laucala Campus Students!”. The email references the Vice Chancellor’s account.The email is falsely notifying USP students of an “exam schedule for Vodafone and Inkk mobile services”

The email is a hoax and users are requested to delete this email immediately.

A reminder that:

1.       IT Services will NOT, at ANY time, ask for your username and password or refer you to a website to reset, reactivate, validate or upgrade your USP email/login account.

2.       Users not following the activities above is in violation of the "Conditions of Use of USP Computing & Networking Facilities” and the IT Security" policies. These policies can be accessed on the USP website and IT Services encourages all users to read the policy and ensure compliance when using ICT services.

3.       USP users that have responded to SPAM emails will have their USP account disabled for 2 weeks while their computers are being cleaned

Hoax emails currently being circulated at USP will at times resemble current signatures of IT Services which may confuse users on the authenticity of the emails. IT Services has added to its signature an officially stamped USP image to ensure authenticity of the email and help users identify hoax emails and to delete them straight away.

Please contact the IT Services Helpdesk urgently (email: ;  Tel: 323 2117) if you have responded to such emails or if you require more information.

Information Technology Services
The University of the South Pacific