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UU100 - Moodle Login Issues

UU100 - Moodle Login Issues

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This message is intended for UU100 students.
The UU100 course page is currently unavailable.

Students enrolled in UU100 are advised that there is currently an issue with the UU100 Moodle course page. Due to this, many students have been facing login issues. We have isolated this issue to certain areas in the UU100 course page.

To enable students of other courses to continue to use Moodle, the UU100 course page is temporarily unavailable while the Moodle Team is rectifying the issue.

All students should be able to access all their other courses, except UU100. Access to UU100 will be enabled shortly and students will be advised by the UU100 course coordinator of the revised assessment deadlines.

If any student is still facing difficulties in accessing another course apart from UU100, please report the issue via email to:

Learning Systems Team

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Re: UU100 - Moodle Login Issues

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This issue is now resolved and UU100 is accessible to students.