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by Peni Sigabalavu -

Please note that Moodle courses are still being updated by lecturers

Students are to ensure that enrollment is approved in Student SOLS for all your Semester 1, 2022 courses by end of Week 1 with SAS Office. Once this is correctly done, your courses will start showing in Moodle in Week 1.

Note that lecturers may need a few more days in Week 1, which started on 21 March, 2022 BEFORE they activate the Moodle course for you to view..

Courses to enroll in can be confirmed at SAS Office in conjunction with the 2022 Handbook and Calendar for Year 1 students -

After your first lecture for each course, if other students can view the same Moodle course but you cannot, then you must email once more with your Student ID, mobile contact, Yahoo/Gmail address and course(s) that are missing (e.g. AF101)

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