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2022 Fee Payments - Trimester 1, PDLP Term 1, January Flexi Term

by Peni, Sigabalavu -

Dear All,

Invoices are available on SOLS for Laucala, Lautoka and Labasa Campus’ students registered in the following terms:

- Trimester 1 (2022-31)

- PDLP Term 1 (2022-21)

- January Flexi (2021-00)

All other students will be able to obtain invoices directly from their respective campus/centre.

Fee details are available in the University’s 2022 Handbook and Calendar

The following processes will apply:

 1.     Fee payment deadlines are as follows:

 - Trimester 1 (2022-31) – Friday 18 February 2022

 - PDLP Term 1 (2022-21) - Friday 18 February 2022

 - January Flexi (2021-00) – due at the commencement of classes

2.   Installment Payment Arrangements

Students who are facing difficulties paying fees by the given deadlines are encouraged to complete Installment payment agreements (IP). IPs are available from the following link:

Installment payments are not available for flexi terms.

Please submit the completed form with the required identification to your respective campuses for review and processing.

3.   Deactivation of Student Accounts

Trimester and PDLP students who have not paid any fee, nor signed Installment Agreements by the respective fee payment deadlines shall have their accounts de-activated in the following week. This means those students will not have access to Moodle or other facilities, cannot sit for exams or submit other assessment items. Students’ accounts can only be re-activated after they pay all outstanding fees or alternatively make arrangements to pay by installments.

4.   Deregistration

 - Trimester 1 (2022-31) – Tuesday 22 March 2022

 - PDLP Term 1 (2022-21) - Tuesday 22 March 2022

Trimester and PDLP student accounts that remain deactivated on the dates given above will be deregistered. This means their registration is cancelled and they owe nothing to the University (i.e., it is as if they never were registered in the term). These students can be re-registered in the same term if they pay all outstanding fees within one month of deregistration. Such students will hereafter be required to pay all fees upfront when they next register for courses.

5.  Payment Deadlines under Installment Arrangements     

The final dates for installment payments are:

 - Trimester 1 (2022-31) – Friday 08 April 2022

 - PDLP Term 1 (2022-21) - Friday 08 April 2022

After this date, accounts with fee balances will be placed on hold and the student will not be able to graduate, obtain results and re-enroll to a future term until all fees are cleared.

Please email your respective campuses (details below) for any queries you may have.

1. Laucala -

2. Cook Islands -

3. Kiribati -

4. Marshall Islands -

5. Nauru -

6. Alafua - 

7. Solomon Islands -

8. Tonga -

9. Tuvalu -

10. Lautoka -

11. Vanuatu –

12. Labasa -

Kolinio Boila

Executive Director of Finance

Undergraduate Students’ Survey: Climate Change - practices, experiences and attitudes

by Admin, User -

Dear Undergraduate Students,

The Climate-U Fiji Team (A collaboration of the USP, FNU and UoF) is embarking on transforming universities and communities in preparation for the changing climate.  To help us create the best interventions, we are administering a short survey to listen to your views.

We are inviting all students to participate so your voices can be heard!

When you participate, you will go into the draw and have a chance to win a $25 phone Recharge Card.

Click the button below to start the survey.

Thank you for your participation!

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