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Important Notes on TurnItIn

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Dear students,

When you submit your assignment on Moodle, your submission may be subject to a Turnitin Similarity check.

Turnitin is a similarity checking service. It is not a plagiarism detection system!

Therefore, TurnItIn is used to detect similarities in submitted work on Moodle.
It does not judge whether a student submission has been plagiarised!

Here are some tips and things that you should keep in mind when making your submission:

  • Upload your assignment early to get your similarity reports on time, so that you can use them to improve your assignment submissions.
  • After the third upload, Turnitin similarity reports will become available after 24 hours.
  • Submit draft copies of your assignment into the same dropbox in which you will upload the final submission. Then delete the previous draft file and upload the final file. Draft copies of the submissions are removed when you delete the file.
  • Never share your assignment files with others. It will increase the chance of getting a high similarity index.
  • Never upload your assignment in the dropbox for another course. This will result in a high similarity index.
  • When working in groups, only have one group member upload assignments on Moodle (even for draft versions). Have the same group member upload the assignment each time. This will ensure your similarity index is kept low.
  • Anything added to the TurnItIn repository cannot be removed, even if it is deleted from Moodle!

Further Information

For more information on Turnitin, see the Turnitin Guide.

Contacting Moodle Help

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Dear students,

If you face Moodle-related issues, you can contact Moodle Help via email: Students on Laucala Campus can also visit Moodle Help in-person. The Moodle Help office is located in the TEDFuturesHub, next to the ICT Centre.

When emailing your issues to Moodle Help via email, please always remember to:
 1. State your Student ID
 2. State the course in which you are having issues

These two are important pieces of information what we need in order to provide timely feedback on your queries.


Do not email your password details when contacting Moodle Help.
In fact, please never share your login details with anyone.

If you cannot log into Moodle, check if you can log into other USP services such as Student SOLS. If your login still fails then contact ITS Helpdesk and have your password reset.

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